Fridays for future EP Release

Hi, this friday I’m releasing my fridays for future EP. You can name your price and all the sales of this year will be fully donated to Greenpeace Germany.

The first 2 tracks of this EP were written in late 2017 when I felt the need for music that promotes engagement for environmental protection. When the protests of fridays for future started, this gave me the encouragement to finally complete this project. At this point “Doing it better” was written. It’s the first song where I’m also performing vocals on.

Since there is Avocado Combat, environmental protection is a theme which is really important to me. So please protect our planet, save the environment, protect all living beings and do your best to make this planet a little better. And of course enjoy the music. Yours truly Avocado Combat

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1. Doing it better
2. Fridays for future
3. Reach the world