Avocado Combat is here to advocate topics & ideas like universal basic income, renewable energies, the protection of animals & nature, a change in our social system and of course global peace & freedom. Avocado Combat supports the following organisations with donations: Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Deutschland rundet auf,, Wikipedia, Peta, The Ocean Cleanup.

The idea is to share a percentage of the sales to charitable objectives and to extend these donations in the future. Also sustainability will be focussed more in the whole process of creation. Avocado experiments with downsizing and minimalism in his personal life to help with necessary engagement. Only if a person is willing to change itself, it will be possible to change globaly.

Avocado Combat is here to represent the good side of life. The side beside doubts. Avocado is Surf Music, Beach Music, Sun Music, Earth Music. Doesn’t mean it does not touch hard themes. But if it does, then without  sadness. It’s doing it with the hope to make this world a little better, to let peope forget their sorrows, motivate them and to bring back energy to their dreams. Music to wander, music to explore, music to travel.

Avocado Combat is not the average self-portraying social media junky kind of nowadays musician. Avocado is a humble anti-social extrovert.

Keiner meiner Homies geht Fitness (was MC Fit)
Keiner meiner Homies lebt Business (keiner)
Aber alle meine Homies machen Money mit ihrem Hobby
– Dexter aus “Nüsse”

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